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How to recover your Microsoft Account online

microsoft account

Microsoft helpdesk team will help you online to recover your Microsoft account. Many of you changed the passwords or usernames of your account, but now you don’t remember that. So here we will help you step by step to get the access of your Microsoft Account in couple of minutes.

Forgot Password

As you have forgot your password for your Microsoft Account, then there is an option to recover it back. When you sign in to your account it will ask for username and password. Type your username and leave the password empty, below this you will see Forgot Password link. Click on it and follow the steps to recover your account password.

Forgot Username

When you sign up for Microsoft Account, it ask you all your personal info to fill the form. This info will be used again to recover your username or your account. Click on Forgot Username and then follow the steps in the process to recover or change of your username

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